Hidden Crystal Candle
Hidden Crystal Candle
Hidden Crystal Candle
Hidden Crystal Candle
Hidden Crystal Candle
Hidden Crystal Candle
Hidden Crystal Candle

Hidden Crystal Candle

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citrine quartz

Hidden at the bottom of each of these pretty candles is a genuine crystal or gemstone to keep!

Hand-poured and made with 100% American farmed soy wax with natural essential + fragrance oil blends.

Standard 9 oz 
50 Hour Burn Time

  • Citrine Quartz radiates vibes of positivity and success, and features notes of tangy Grapefruit and sweet Mangosteen.
  • Amethyst Quartz crystal enhances wellness, healing, & spiritual growth, and features notes of soothing lavender. 
  • Moonstone increases your intuition and connects you to the moon's energy to inspire new beginnings and features notes of citrus and sweet fruit.
  • Rose Quartz radiates vibes of unconditional love and features notes of fig and rose.
  • Obsidian blocks negative energy and features notes of fresh linen.
  • Sea Opal helps center your mind and raise your vibrations and features notes of fruit essence.

Located in San Diego, JaxKelly is a woman-owned and operated jewelry and candle line. They've been hand-crafting unique pieces at approachable price points since 2014.

JaxKelly’s mission is to create mindful products that evoke a sense of peace, love, and joy so you feel connected to your higher self and your surroundings. They want to empower you with a positive mindset to elevate your energy.

They design delicate everyday pieces that feature stones with intentional energy to promote wellness and healing. With no two sets being the same, each stone is unique and handpicked to complement the other. 

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