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      I strive to create jewelry that has a delicate feminine aesthetic, yet holds a quiet strength in it's design. I draw inspiration from being a surfer and a mother, both of which draw my attention to the environment and finding joy in pure simplicity. 

      My design structure allows for a recyclable end of life, or an extremely long life. The process surrounding each piece adheres to my philosophy of ’do no harm’. Every part of the making process from the tools I use to the packaging is recycled or as sustainable as possible.

      My first step into the word of the working crafts person was on a visit to a glassblowing studio in 2003. I was immediately enchanted by the fluid dance between the maker and material. For the next eight years I apprenticed in the studio. Meanwhile I found myself drawn to the tiny, molten gemlike pieces of glass rather than the large forms and started seeking out a way to carry those tiny pieces around with me in a wearable form. 

      In 2006 I began an another apprenticeship with a Boston based metalsmith. Immersing myself in the two studio practices I began to design pieces that combined blown glass and sterling silver into a simple elegant line of jewelry. In 2007 I began selling at local craft shows and art and craft galleries.