Maritza Embroidered Belt
Maritza Embroidered Belt

Maritza Embroidered Belt

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The soft color palette of this dusty grey, yellow, pink and vivid purple belt, combined with the thick and nubby embroidered flowers, is just gorgeous. It's truly a work of wearable art, produced over many hours with intricate hand embroidery. You'll love it for many years to come!

Fits most standard belt loops so you can wear with your favorite jeans, or try layering it over a sweater dress to change up the look.

  • 100% wool
  • Made in Peru according to fair trade guidelines, creating employment opportunities for indigenous women in rural areas.
  • Small fits size 0-4 (35" long, holes are between 23" and 31")
  • Medium fits size 6-14 (41" long, holes are between 28" and 37")
  • Large fits size 14-20 (47" long, holes are between 34" and 43")
  • These belts have 5 sets of holes spaced 2" apart so they are versatile; you can wear the same belt on your waist or hips. They also stretch slightly, like a pair of jeans, and will conform to your body after a few days of wear.

Jenny Krauss artisans live in and near Ayacucho, Peru and are masters in the crafts of weaving and embroidery. The region is poor and remote so finding customers for their wares is difficult. Jenny Krauss collaborates with these artisans to help them maintain a steady income through international sales of their work.

Most of the artisans are women, who usually spend the morning attending to their family farms and the afternoons embroidering. Their babies are often wrapped in a blanket on their back and older children play nearby.

The average cost of living in Ayacucho and its environs is 400-500 Peruvian Nuevo soles (PEN) per month, but these artisans earn on average 1000 PEN/month. Your purchase helps these communities sustain their livelihoods and traditions.

All work is certified by the Fair Trade Federation.

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