Fashion Forward & Body Positive with Eva Bloche

Meet Eva, our inspiring lifestyle model for the week! 

Eva is a college student, studying to be a therapist who specializes in eating disorder treatment. 

“I’m interested in how fashion can be used as a way to promote a positive body image, especially in young girls. It’s really hard to talk to young people about fashion sometimes because everything is so steeped in the beauty ideal of being one certain size and one way of being. However, if you can move past that, and it’s possible it takes a lot but it’s possible, then fashion can really open a lot of doors. Style can be a way to express who you are.” 

Alexis Dress

Eva loved coming in and modeling for us! 

“I’m all about trying to challenge myself and my own body image because I know that’s what I want to ask of my future clients someday. So, I love doing things like this because it is a little bit of a challenge for me and I’m learning.” 

Challenging yourself to love the person staring back at you in front of the mirror is an important obstacle to overcome and as Eva tells us, you can learn a lot from the experience. 


Dress available in store 

Eva aspires to help young women with eating disorders and body image issues because as she explains, 

“I think it’s really hard to find a woman in this society that hasn’t struggled with body image issues and my soapbox is most women I think, struggle with disordered eating and it often only gets diagnosed if you are a certain type of person with a certain kind of medical privilege. Not every woman has an eating disorder, but I think that every woman can benefit from confidence boosting care.”  

Leo Dress

Her aspirations led her to find professional opportunities that will help her on her career path and make progress on achieving her goals. 

“I work with pre-teens and it’s so cool to see pre-teen girls go shopping together right at the age before they’ve started to internalize what it means to try on clothes and talk about how you don’t like your body. It’s really cool to see them before they get to that point because they are so loving with each other and themselves.” 

Shopping from a young age can quickly transition into a negative experience where girls do start internalizing what they don’t like about their body. Eva’s goal, in working with these pre-teens, is to help them develop a positive body attitude before they are influenced by the appearance ideal in fashion. 

 Morgan Embroidered Jeans, Issoria Cuff Bracelet

We love Eva’s inspiring mission and vision to encourage and facilitate a positive body image and she’s right, fashion truly can be a way to promote that. 

Thank you for sharing Eva! 

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