Did you know that Ash & Rose is a home-based business? Yep - we're smaller than we look!

Mother-daughter team Nea and Mary work out of Nea's home, where Mary grew up, alongside the lazy dogs Sunny (age 18) and Sparky (age 14). Mary does most of the computery stuff, like maintaining the website and answering all of your emails, while Nea works away on developing our private label, the Ash & Rose collection.

Here's a little glimpse into our home office, which used to be a dining room. Most of our inventory is tucked away in shelving in Mary and her brother's childhood bedrooms.

We love working at home, but we're equally excited to move into our new space in Boston this fall. More on that soon!

Sparky snoozes under the table, always with a bone by his side.


Sunny naps at the base of the desk.

Nea putting the finishing touches on her best-selling Watercolor Maxi Dress.

Natural sunlight fills the room through most of the day.

Nea likes to store her vintage buttons in cute dishes on the side table.

We hand-painted the computer monitor gold to match the decor!

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